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Your smile is just around the corner.

A warm welcome awaits you in New Hamburg.

New Hamburg is known for its hospitality and customer service. It's a small town with a big heart that welcomes both local residents and visitors alike. There's plenty of parking available so you can relax and enjoy everything we have to offer. Our eateries - ranging from country fare and family dining to fine French cuisine - are popular spots. Shopping options include fashionable clothing, groceries, home decor, professional services, giftware, plus everything you could possibly need for your home.


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About New Hamburg

This beautiful rural town in the Township of Wilmot grew up on the banks of the Nith River, which flows through the community.


A warm welcome awaits you!

Visit New Hamburg, where a friendly welcome awaits you. Meet some of the people who make this town unique.


Deals to make you smile!

You'll find lots of great deals in New Hamburg, from downtown stores, our local fitness centre and professional services.


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