Faces of New Hamburg

Welcome to New Hamburg, where friendly faces await you. Meet some of the people who make this town unique.

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Angie Scheid, Cloverleaf Farms Food Outlet & Deli

Angie has lived and worked in New Hamburg all her life, and she continues to love it here.


Jacqueline Howe, Independent Hair and Make-up Stylist

Setting up her business in New Hamburg has shown Jacqueline that in a small community, there's no shortage of help.


David Seyler, Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Limited

For David Seyler, being successful in business enables him to give back to New Hamburg's community.


Joe Figliomeni, HollisWealth Inc.

Joe Figliomeni finds plenty of ways to give back to the community.


Chris Spotswood, ABsolute Fitness & Personal Training

Chris Spotswood moved to New Hamburg so she could raise a family in a small town.

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